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  Medical Records and Health

Medical Records Department is a service department and it has fourteen (14) units, and these are:
1. Accident and Emergency (A&E)
2. Children Emergency (CHER)
3. Antenatal Clinic (ANC)
The above three units are open twenty-four hours a day, weekends and public holidays inclusive.
Other units are:
1. Consultant Outpatient (COPD)
2. Eye Clinic
3. Paediatrics Outpatient (POP)
4. Surgical Outpatient 1 (SOP1)
5. Surgical Outpatient 2 (SOP 2)
6. Dentistry
7. Medical Records Library
8. Main Office
10. Staff Health Clinic
11. General Practice Clinic (GPC)

Working Days & Hours:

Monday through Friday (8:00 am to 6:00 pm)

Ongoing Research:


Other Information:

Everywhere in the world cultural progress depends upon the recognition and elimination of health problems and as a result health is wealth. Good health in any community is possible only when sufficient infrastructural health care facilities and patient care services are ensured.
Medical Records are an essential component in the effective management of patientsí health care. Good medical records in a hospital or an outpatient clinic do not just happen. The medical record staff must always try to get co-operation from the doctors, nurses and other members of the health team towards the prompt completion of patientsí records.

Mrs.F.C. Eke
Ag. Head of Department


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