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(i) To spearhead the Ministry’s Service Delivery Initiative through SERVICOM compliance.

(ii) To produce, review and monitor performance of Service Charters from the Ministry and its Parastatals.

(iii) To manage the Ministry’s Customer Relation Policy including providing opportunities for customers’ feedback on services.

(iv) To institute a procedure including Grievances Redress Mechanism for the Ministry and its Parastatals.

(v) To institute appropriate Research techniques in identifying customer’s needs and expectations.

(vi) To ensure the promotion of quality assurance and best practices in the Ministry’s performance and its function.

(vii) To provide a comprehensive and effective training policy for frontline staff on Customer Relations and related matters.

(viii) To disseminate best practices and other tips on Services Delivery Improvement.

(ix) To serve as a link between the Ministry and SERVICOM office.

(x) To serve as the secretariat of the Hospital’s Service Delivery Committee.

(xi) To manage links with strategic partners and other stakeholders on Service Delivery Research, Customer care/relations etc.

(xii) To facilitate a safe and a conducive working environment for Staff at all levels of Service Delivery.

Working Days & Hours:

Mondays To Sundays (Accident & Emergency 5:00pm - 7:00am, main Office 8:00am - 4:00pm)

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Other Information:

SERVICOM, an acronym for Service Compact with all Nigerians came into being in March 2003, under the Administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo. The phrase, “Service Compact” can also be translated to mean Service Agreement with all Nigerians. It is a pledge by the Federal Government to provide services, to which every citizen is entitled in a timely, effective, honest, fair and transparent manner.

Consequent upon the establishment of this initiative, all Ministries, Extra-Ministerial Departments and Agencies were mandated to replicate it by putting certain structures in place. Part of these mechanisms was the creation of SERVICOM Units as the first point of contact for members of the public and other clients, in the event of service failure and charged with the responsibility of ensuring compliance with the principles of the SERVICOM initiative.

In line with the afore-mentioned, the U.B.T.H. SERVICOM Unit therefore came on stream in the month of October 2005. It is however worthy of note to mention that even before the advent of SERVICOM the hospital already had in place what was akin to it both in nature and character. It was known as Patient Rights Protection Committee (PRPC)

Tel: Head o f the unit :
+234(0)8022535595, 8065001008


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