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  Human Resources

In addition to policy formulation, advising and directing, other noteworthy activity of the division includes:
1 Storage and preservation of information and other matters.
2 Implementation of board as well as management policies and decisions.
3 Keeping staff records
4 Servicing of the various committees and panels of the board.
5 Handling all pensions and gratuity claims regarding hospital staff.
6 Promotion, staff discipline, transfer
7 Holding of departments meeting for the purpose of acquainting members of staff and management policies and decisions on issues affecting staff of the unit and other departments in the Hospital.
8 Publication of conference seminar.

Working Days & Hours:

Monday to Friday (8:00am 4:00pm)

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Other Information:

The personnel matter division of the Administration is the Unit that is saddled with the responsibilities of initiating innovation of policies for all departments in the hospitals for the consideration of the management and the board for effective management of the hospital.

HOD: Mr Jimoh Kadiri
Email: Jimohkadiri@gmail.com
Tel: +2348034004523


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