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  South-South Zonal pharmacovigilance Centre UBTH

The Nigerian National pharmacivigilance policy and implimentation framework was published in february 2012. The policy amongst other considerations formally endorsed the creation the zonal pharmacovigilance centre in the various geo political zones in Nigeria. The south-South Zonal centre is domiciled in the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City.

Working Days & Hours:

Monday to Friday (8.00am to 4.00pm)

Ongoing Research:


Other Information:

Functions of the Zonal Centres.

>Distribution of ADR Forms
>Collection of spontaneous case report for preliminary evaluation.
>transmitting acknowledgements and feedback information to the reporters.
>disseminate information from the NPC to health Professionals and public as appropriate.
>Monitor progress of pharmacovigilance activities at institutional level.
>support training and capacity building for pharmacovigilance.
>Educate doctors and other health care workers on rational drug use and other medicine related problems

Scope of pharmacovigilance

>Substandard medicines
>poisoning (acute and chronic)including kerosine ingestion, overdose of medicine and attempted suicides from poisoning cases.
>Adverse drug reaction.
>Lack of efficacy report.
>Medication errors
>Adverse interactions
>Misuse of Medications
>Use of medications for unapproved indications.

product concern in pharmacovigilance

>Herbal products
>Traditional and Complementary medicines
>Blood products
>Medical devices
>Contract Media

What to report?

>All drug reactions this include side effects and suspected adverse drug reactions as well as other product concerns as stated above.

who should report?

>All health care workers: Doctors. Nurses pharmacists

What is the reporting format:

>Use an ADR form ensuring the following: Name,sex and age of the patient, suspected drug details including date started and stopped.

>Adverse drug reaction seen including date reaction started and stopped

>Other Medicines being used or used 3 months preceding the reaction.
> Name and address of reporter.

where to report:

>The UBTH Drug poison and information centre (DPIC) in COPD pharmacy.
>>The south-South Zonal pharmacovigilance centre (SSZPC) near the DOTS centre opposite the COPD Pharmacy.
Email:southsouthzpc@gmail.com or the southsouthzpc@blogspot.com to post comment or questions.

To report an ADR

Get an ADR reporting form (yellow form)from the ward or clinics boxes in UBTH or from the SSZPC

>Download from the internet from NAFDAC website: www.nafdac.gov.ng
>send an adverse drug reaction report to the UBTH drug poison and information centre from where it will be forwarded to the South-South Zone
>in case of an adverse drug reaction seen in UBTH or the South-South Zone please call these numbers: 08086899571 or 07098211221
>for further information please go to NAFDAC website. www.nafdac.gov.ng.
>Frequently asked questions in pharmacovigilance from national Agency for Food and Drug Administration Control www.nafdac.gov.ng

Information for patients:

>If you experience any adverse or unwanted reactions to your medicine or herbal medicines please call these numbers: 08086899571 or 07098211221
>use the Pharmacovigilance Rapid Alert system for consumer reporting PRASCOR send an SMS (text message) to the following number 20543 for free with the camplaints. service available MTN, GLO, Etisalat Networks
> A response will be sent to the Consumer and contacted thereaftre. Please visit the NAFDAC website for more information.


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