Child Health

UBTH child health


• Infectious Diseases
• Critical Newborn Care
• Neurology
• Gastroenterology/Endocrinology
• Paediatric HIV/Aids Care
• Cardiology
• Respiratology
• Haematology/Oncology

Working Days & Hours:

Every day of the week (24 hours)

Other Information:

The philosophy and guarding principles of the department has remained the provision of the highest level of health care to the largest possible number of children both in health and sickness in the context of their total environment including their families and the community. Thus curative, preventive and promotional aspect of health care including health education, nutritional supervision and immunization continue to receive desired attention in the department.

The department currently has the following functional units.
1. P Ward
2. P. Ward Extension
3. Children Emergency Room (CHER)
4. Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)
5. Diarrhoea Treatment and Training Unit and
6. Nutrition Education and Rehabilitation Unit (NERU)