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A Clinical Department

At the time of the official inception and opening of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in 1973 there was no obvious recognition of the ENT specialty and therefore no provision for it in the clinical setting. Thus, any interest in the specialty was more by ‘’hearsay’’. In the state, (or rather Benin province as a whole, since it was as of then part of the Midwest/Bendel State), one only heard of an Egyptian DLO specialist who worked for a brief period at the then Benin General Hospital.


The Department provides specialist care in the management of the diseases of the Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck. We carry out both minor and major surgical procedures in these region. We also provide non-surgical treatment for conditions requiring such.

The common conditions we treat include; ear infections, hearing loss, balance disorders, snoring, nasal diseases, voice disorders, head and neck cancer treatment.

We provide audiological services: hearing assessment, speech therapy etc.

We provide multidisciplinary care in conjunction with other departments and units within the hospital.



By 1975, Dr R. Okujaye and Dr L. Odogwu, both with training and the ORL fellowship from the UK, arrived and commenced service in ENT in the hospital. It is greatly to their credit that they were able to arrange for procurement and provision of quite a good set of both diagnostic and surgical operative instruments. They left soon after following failure to accept terms of conversion as University Lecturers.  A retired Indian ENT specialist, Dr Arulpragasam had been holding forth briefly before Dr. F. O. Ogisi took up appointment with the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in 1978 following the completion of his PG ENT training in England acquiring the FRCS Ed. initially as senior registrar in ENT, then later, Lecturer/Consultant.


1. Prof. PROC Adobamen MBBS(Uniben) FWACS, FMCORL
2. Dr. Amina Okhakhu BMBCH(Unijos) MPH, FWACS, FMCORL, FACS.
3. Dr. Ngozi Carol Onyeagwara MBBS(Uniport), FWACS, FMCORL
4. Dr. Eustace Oseghale MBBS(Uniben) FWACS.


Senior Registrars – 0
Registrars – 0
Medical Officer – 0

Mission Statement:

To Work as a team to provide our clients with affordable, quality, evidence-based Ear, Nose Throat, Head and Neck Surgery services in a warm and compassionate environment.

Vision Statement:

To be the leader in providing quality, patient centred Ear, Nose Throat, head and Neck Services solutions in Nigeria.

Objectives of the Department:

Train medical students to recognize and manage diseases affecting the Ear, Nose, Throat, Head and Neck.

To carry out research on the diseases affecting the head and neck region.

Staff welfare: To provide an enabling environment for self-actualization.


Additional Department Infomation

Working Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

HOD Contact

Dr. Amina Okhakhu

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