Internal Medicine



The Department is made up of the following subspecialties: –
1 Neurology
2 Cardiology
3 Nephrology
4 Endocrinology
5 Pulmonology
6 Gastroenterology
7 Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
8 Dermatology / Infectious diseases

Working Days & Hours:

Monday to Friday (8:00am to 4:00pm)


The Department of Medicine is one of the oldest clinical departments of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital. It renders both general and specialized clinical services to the hospital in a bid to meet its aims and objectives.
The objectives and goals of the department include:

1. Expert care of patients with diverse medical conditions.

2. Teaching and training of undergraduate medical students and Resident Doctors in general Internal medicine and subspecialties of internal medicine.

3. Conceiving, nurturing and executing research ideas that contribute to the advancement of the knowledge of Internal medicine in Nigeria and Africa.

4. Rendering of assistance to other departments in the care of patients and training of Resident Doctors. Such departments include Community Medicine, Child Health, Ophthalmology, and Anaesthesia, Family Medicine and Dentistry.

Ongoing Research:

There are opportunities for Resident Doctors to attend update courses, Research methodology sessions as well as Management courses outside the hospital. These courses are usually sponsored by the hospital.
Consultants in collaboration with Residents usually carry out Research work in their respective subspecialties, resulting in journal publication and presentations at both local and international conferences.