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December is Constipation Awareness Month!

Constipation occurs when there is difficulty in passing out stool or having fewer than 3 stooling episode a week. This condition affects people of all ages, with over 20% in the general population and 29.6% in children experiencing its discomfort. This prevalent gastrointestinal condition is more common among the elderly.
Factors contributing to constipation include a low-fiber diet, caffeine abuse, alcohol overuse, medications, endocrine disorders, neurological diseases, and psychological issues.
Long term constipation can cause problems to the health as it can lead to abdominal discomfort or cramps, Poor quality of life, Hemorrhoids, Anal fissures, Damage to the pelvic floor, Fecal incontinence and even Urinary retention.
To prevent and relieve constipation, here are essential tips:
💧 Increase daily water intake.
🥦 Reduce excessive meats and dairy products in your diet.
🍏 Eat fiber-rich foods for better digestion.
🚽 Don’t ignore the urge to defecate; it’s essential!
🏃 Stay active throughout the day to aid peristaltic movement.
🏋️‍♂️ Boost physical exercise to promote better bowel movements.
💆 Manage stress through medication or other relaxation techniques.
❌ Avoid alcohol and caffeine consumption.
⏰ Maintain a regular schedule for bowel evacuation.
🍽️ Have your last meal at least 2 hours before bedtime for better digestion.
Let’s prioritize digestive health this December!
Spread the word and make healthy choices to keep constipation at bay. Your gut will thank you!

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