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Dr. Mrs. Olumese Caroline (FPSM)

Dr. Mrs. Olumese Caroline (FPSM) is a pharmacist with special interest in clinical pharmacy whose career objective is to provide world class and exceptional service and solution that will facility and add value to required results and accomplishment of targeted goals and objectives.

With over 32years of working experience, she gained a pedigree in drug purchase, supply and management, adverse drug reaction and monitoring.

As a project manager of Drug Revolving Fund (DRF)/ HOD Pharmacy she was involved in sourcing for narcotics, monitoring and preparing of liquid morphine, and hand sanitizers during the COVID-19 pandemic on request from within and outside the hospital. She was also involved in the compiling of the hospital formulary that ensures rational use of drugs. 

Mrs. Olumese Caroline has 5 books to her name, aside being a renowned Marriage counsellor and a motivational speaker, with numerous Awards such as; 

  • Award of excellence in recognition of exemplary and exceptional leadership and devoted service by the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD), UBTH- September 2013.
  • Award of best Head of Department, UBTH- June 2012.
  • Award by UBTH management for dedication to duty and dynamism in ensuring effective and efficient drug supply to patients. Etc.

Olumese, C.O. possesses a great ability to initiate result, oriented ideas, good cooperate disposition, efficient planning as well as a deep passion for excellence.

She retired as a director of Pharmaceuticals services in UBTH 2021, and presently the CEO of save-life Pharmacy.


  • Isah A.O, Olumese C.O, Omorugiuwa.
  • How affordable are Anti hypertensive; A Pharmarcoeconmic trend analysis From 1990-1994, Tropical Cardiology 1996.



  • Pharm. Pharmacy, University of Benin, July 1984.
  • D. University of Benin, January 2006.
  • Pharm 2016.



  • Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Powerpoint.
  • Good communication, presentation, and interpersonal relations.

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