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Institute of Child Health UNIBEN/UBTH’s Seminars

Institute of Child Health UNIBEN/UBTH’s Seminars: “Headaches in Adolescents: Is it Just Headache?”

The Institute of Child Health (ICH), UNIBEN/UBTH, kicked off the year by hosting its first monthly seminar on Thursday, 25th January 2024, at the Institute of Child Health Seminar Room, Oba Akenzua Complex, UBTH, Benin.

This session was dedicated to shedding light on the theme “Headaches in Adolescents: Is it Just Headache?”

In this enlightening event, Dr. Paul Ikhuoria, a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist in the Department of Child Health at UBTH, took centre stage, sharing profound insights and professional knowledge on the intricacies of headaches in adolescents.

He delved into the consequences that arise when adolescents experience persistent headaches, exploring potential underlying causes and shedding light on effective management strategies.

Dr. Paul also emphasised the detrimental impact of untreated headaches in adolescents, highlighting potential long-term consequences and underscoring the urgency of addressing this issue promptly and comprehensively.

His informative presentation not only raised awareness about the complexities of headaches in adolescents but also underscored the paramount importance of acquiring in-depth knowledge on the theme for both parents and healthcare practitioners.

Insightful contributions from the Director of the Institute of Child Health, Prof. (Mrs.) A.E Sadoh, the Chairman of the occasion Prof. Irivbogbe, and Prof C. O. Eregie added significant value to the discussion, enriching the seminar with their expertise and perspectives.

The Monthly seminar series, hosted by the Institute of Child Health, UNIBEN/UBTH, continues to serve as a platform for knowledge dissemination and constructive dialogue on pertinent health-related topics. It ultimately contributes to the enhancement of healthcare practices and the promotion of public awareness.

In attendance were staff and students of UNIBEN and UBTH, students of the University of Benin Staff School, UNIBEN Demonstration Secondary School, UBTH Staff school, and other distinguished guests.

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