Medical Social Services


Support Service

The department is mainly concerned with patients’ welfare, teaching and research responsibilities. In order words, the activities of the department involve helping patients to recognize and overcome personal and emotional difficulties associated with his or her personal illnesses so that the sick person can recover as quickly as possible from illness. The department is also responsible for the provision of therapeutic and rehabilitative services for patients before and after they are discharged from the hospital. Apart from dealing with variety of social and psychological problem which may confront patients during and after their discharged from the hospital, the department assists in the teaching of Medical/Nursing and Midwifery and social work students on field work placement from various tertiary institutions.


• Interviewing patients and assisting their social situations to determine the nature of problem confronting them.
• Provision of information to the medical and psychiatric team for a better understanding of patients in relation to his or her environment.
• Supporting patients to alleviate their emotional stress
• Linking patients with resource agencies for the purpose of paying their hospital bills
• Home visits for social assessment.
• Organizing group / individual counseling session for patients (e.g. HIV / AIDS Patients)
• Offering casework intervention and reconciliation when families when family relationships need to be improved for patient’s benefit
• Rehabilitation of patients with loss of limbs
• Arranging for adoption of abandoned babies
• Placement of abandoned babies and children in rehabilitation centre.
• Repatriation of abandoned patients
• Recommendation of impoverished patients for a waiver of hospital bills.
• Education of patients so as to gain an insight into their illness e.g. paranoid patients, diabetic etc
• Organizing vocational rehabilitation for patients,
• Social rehabilitation / re – integration of patients
• Provision of aftercare – services.
• Attendance at ward rounds to determine the need of patients.
• Provision of welfare materials to patients.
• Provides field work for teaching for students.
• Provision of social work consultation to individuals or agencies.
• Reconciliation of marital conflicts.
• Encouraging family members to support patients either morally or financially.
• Assisting patients in emergency cases to secure immediate medical attention.
• Initiating contacts with relation of accident victims.
• Assisting accident victims with cloth to wear.
• Assisting accident victims to recover goods / property goods lost in transit.
• Provision of temporary accommodation for patients relatives from distant places in the transit home.
• Arranging for transfer of accident victims to other hospitals nearest to them.
• Contacting relations of deceased patients who have overstayed in the mortuary to come and collect their corpses.


The department conducts research info the social factors causing illness.
More so patients are referred to the medical social services department for various social problems. These social problems include inability to pay hospital bills, abandonment, loss of job, marital conflict, drug abuse, emotional problems, ejection from home, stigmatization and discrimination of HIV/AIDS patients and tracing of clinic defaulters. Patients are usually assisted to overcome their various social problems.

Requirement for appointment into the department:
a. Social work
b. Sociology with post graduate diploma in Social Work
c. Degree in relevant social sciences with post graduate Diploma in social work.


Additional Department Infomation

Working Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

HOD Contact

Mrs. R.M.Edigin
Email: N/A

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