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Occupational therapy is a healthcare profession that prescribes therapeutic occupations. It involves everyday life activities to support a person’s performance and function in the multiple life roles at home, school, workplace, and community environments. The Department of Occupational Therapy UBTH was established in 1981.  Practitioners of Occupational Therapy within the Hospital work with patients of all ages and their caregivers to facilitate enablement in occupational participation of individuals and thereby maintaining their quality of life.


  • We provide Functional assessment (Activities of Daily Living) and intervention to patients with neurological, orthopaedic, mental health conditions across all ages.
  • We provide cognitive assessment and retraining interventions that support occupational engagement
  • Our home environment assessment entails a review of the home environment and provides recommendations on improving safety while maintaining independence and comfort.
  • We provide patient and caregivers education such as advising on adaptation to change, managing fatigue, use of equipment, and how to care for the patient to optimize their abilities.
  • We provide training and retraining on stress management, social skills, and relaxation.
  • Our Pressure care involves recommendations and education on position, movement, and equipment to reduce the risk of developing pressure areas.
  • We Prescribe and fabricate hand splints, pressure garments, prostheses, and orthosis for optimal recovery and comfort.
  • We also Provide specialist clinical services such as dysphagia and sexuality issues assessment in disability and workplace evaluation.



We facilitate relevant students and interns placement, thereby providing clinical supervision and evaluating the clinical training programme from time to time.

We are also committed to developing innovative concepts in quality care and standard settings in our service delivery process.

We conduct Periodic Programme evaluations to identify the strength of our programmes and the need to plan a new programme based on clinical judgment, research, and evidence-based practice.


The department is headed by Mr Emore Vincent and supported by  Occupational Therapists, Occupational Therapy Technicians, interns, and other administrative staff members.


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Working Hours

Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm
Call Duty Hours 4am – 7pm
Weekend Call Duty 9am – 3pm

HOD Contact

HOD: Emore E. Vincent
Email: v.emore@ubth.org

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