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  • Visiting Hours & Guidelines
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Patient Rights
  • Accomodation
  • Hospital Regulations
  • Patient Obligations

• 24 hours services exist for inpatients and cases of emergencies.
• Outpatients services commence at 8:30am and terminates at 4:30pm (Monday to Friday including public holidays)
• Maximum waiting time permissible in the following areas are:
• Copd 1 Hour
• A & E 30Mminutes
• CHER 30 Minutes
• Revenue Units 30 Minutes
• Pharmacy Units 30 Minutes
• Laboratory Services 1 Hour
• Case files results of investigations samples unless in extreme cases must not be handled by patients or his relations or guardian.
• Information from hospital records including case notes can only be reproduced or tendered following due permission granted by the CMD or his designate on request made in writing.

Avenues for Seeking Redress 

Patients who are dissatisfied with services and human relations in the course of treatment could seek redress using appropriate channels. Aggrieved patients (patients or guardian in the case(s) of children) could access.

– Patient Right Protection Office and Personnel
– Servicom officers and its personnel
– Public relations office
– Consultant responsible for his case
– Heads, Clinical Department
– Members of management
– No contractual obligations exist between her and patient’s relation or guardians (except in the case of children) on issues that bother on care of a third party or person

• Receive from his physician information to enable him/her to give informed consent.
• Considerate and respectful care.
• Know his diagnosis treatment and prognosis.
• Refuse treatment (but should be informed of the consequences).
• Know hospital rules and regulations
• His hospital bills
• Privacy and confidentiality.
• Reasonable continuity of care
• Prompt and reasonable response to request, attention and care.

The scope of care offered makes the stay of relatives/ friends in the Hospital unnecessary. Those stranded or who must stay (outside those caring for children) could avail themselves of services of Hospital Guest Houses.

• Hospital services are available on request and on a payment of reasonable fee.
• Hospitals properties and equipments (movable and immovable) assets should be protected and preserved by end-users including patients.
• Case records of patients containing vital patients’ information are the sole properties of the hospital.
• Unless otherwise stated the patients is deemed to have given his consent for the subsequent care he receives having registered as a patient.
• The hospital shall expect every patient seeking its services and use of its facilities to have been duly registered and issued with a number.
• Patients are to demand official receipt(s) for every payment made in the course of seeking and obtaining medical attention.
• No staff member or any other person(s) shall receive money gratifications or payment in whatever form on behalf of the hospital except those duly designated for the purpose.

In the exercise of his right the hospital demand the following responsibility from her clients or patients.
• The patient is obliged to give reasonable information about himself that could assist his physician in his evaluation and management.
• Give reciprocal and respect and dignity to his caregivers.
• To avail himself the rules and regulations governing access to services
• To settle his hospital bills or provide sufficient leverage to guarantee for the hospital cost recovery.
• To ensure un-impended access to the same facilities by other patients by guaranteeing sustenance of service delivery through prompt payment.

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