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Brief History

Our Pharmacy Department is one of the clinically oriented departments in the hospital. The Pharmacy department was set up alongside with the inception of the hospital in May 1973.The past Head of Department in order of successions are
1. Pharm Ifediora N.C (of blessed memory)
2. Pharm (Mrs.) R.Aihie
3. Pharm G. Oviasu (of blessed memory)
4. Pharm S.O Onwah.
Currently the Head of Department (Pharmaceutical Service) is Dr (Mrs.) Caroline Ofure Olumese (B.Pharm, Pharm D) who is also the Ag Deputy Director (Pharmaceutical Services).
The Department is well equipped with qualified Personnel (Pharmacists) with degrees in B.Pharm, Pharm D and Masters Degree in various fields. In the light of the above, there is a drive to various areas of specialties. We also have a Pharmacy technician as well as other supportive staff working in this department.


The Pharmaceutical Services rendered are:
1. Evaluation and Assessment of prescriptions.
2. Counseling of Patients on Drug Utilization pattern.
3. Dispensing of Drugs.
4. Stock and Inventory Control/Logistics.
5. Monitoring and reporting adverse, drug Reaction ( Pharmacovigilance )
6. Dissemination of Information on drugs to Doctors Nurses and other Health care providers and clients.
7. Pharmaceutical Care.
8. Individualized dosage preparation.
9. Quality Assessment of Procured Drugs.
9. Training of Intern Pharmacist and Students.
10. Weekly Clinical Meeting/Update lectures
11. Research and Development.
12. Drug utilization and evaluation.

Other Information

Ongoing Research:

Various Researches are currently going on both collectively and individually.

• Monitoring /Evaluation
Head of Division
• (Patients Services)
• Main-in -Patient
• Consultant out Patient (COPD)
• National Health Insurance (NHIS)
• Obstetrics & Gynecology
• Accident and Emergency
Head of Division
• (Procurement)
• Drug Revolving Fund (DRF)
• Bulk Store/Logistics
Head of Division
• Special project/Quality Assurance
• Theatre Pharmacy
• Renal
• Drug Poison and Information Centre
• Extemporaneous /Quality Control
• Out Stations
Presently the Pharmacy Department is divided into three (3) main divisions, comprising various Units (Pharmacy). These are:
1. Patients Service Division
2. Procurement Division
3. Special Projects/Quality Assurance Division

(1) Patients Service Divisions : comprises of
a. Main-in-patients
b. Consultant Out Patient
c. NHIS Pharmacy
d. Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G) pharmacy
e. Ophthalmic Pharmacy
f. Accident and Emergency
(2) Procurement Division: comprise of
a. DRF Operations
b. Bulk Store Pharmacy /Logistic
(3) Special Project/Quality Assurance Division: comprise of
a. Theatre Pharmacy
b. Renal
c. Drug Poison and Information Centre
d. Quality Control/Assurance/Extemporaneous.
e. Out Station.
Other project/unit in Pharmacy are PEFAR Pharmacy where we attend to HIV/ AIDS clients as well as THE IVF(In Vitro Fertilization) unit which operates now as Private Public Partnership(PPP).There is also a monitoring and evaluation/training officer. All the above report directly to the Head of Department