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About Physiotherapy

The Physiotherapy Department of this hospital was set up at the inception of the hospital in 1973. It provides high-quality physical rehabilitation and treatment to all patients referred to the department. From both within and outside the hospital. The department in March 2009, moved to a very spacious and ultra modern building in the hospital.

The Physiotherapy Department is made up of two units- In Patient and Out Patient. Each unit is headed by senior and experienced Therapist.
In patient unit caters for all patients in admission in the hospital while the out patient unit takes care of referred cares from within and outside the hospital. Referrals are also entertained from outside Benin City and Edo State.
The department also has a keep fit gymnasium where people can take care of their physical fitness.
Rehabilitation and supportive gadgets such as crutches, walking sticks, tripod, knee braces, lumber supports, cervical collars, etc, etc are also available.

Ongoing Research

The Basic Physiotherapy equipment are available. The department can make do with more equipment. However, the department is able to provide effective and adequate services with the equipment we presently have.