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Radiotherapy & Clinical Oncology

The department of radiotherapy/clinical oncology came into being in the year 2007, during the second phase of the Federal Government of Nigeria/ Vamed Engineering Rehabilitation of Teaching Hospitals project, under the then President Olusegun Obasanjo. it provide specialised Clinical Services at Local and National Level. Patients are assesed into the department through Accident and Emergency Unit. Consultant out-patient Clinic are held on Wednesday between 12;00pm – 5:00pm, while Monday is utilized for Radiotherapy planning. The administration of Chemotherapy is usually on Thursday and Friday as a Day care Service.



The department is equipped with:

Academic Activities

The departmental Clinical meeting hold every Wednesday at 10:00am. It consists of consultant serminar, postgraduate seminar, Journal review, Clinical clerkship, case review, Drug presentation and interdisciplinary team workshop. the department is involve in training of medical students and residents from other departments who are on clinical posting. the department collaborate with other specialties in hospital and University to carry out research work for the advancement of society and academics.