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Staff Of The Month, November 2023

We are delighted to announce Mr. Awowo Samuel from the Software Development/Social Media sub-unit of the ICT unit as our distinguished Staff of the Month for November!
Mr. Awowo’s exceptional leadership, inventive contributions, and noteworthy achievements have significantly elevated UBTH’s digital landscape. His exemplary creativity has been the driving force behind the captivating graphic designs showcased during the prestigious UBTH @50 celebrations.
His digital proficiency played a pivotal role in the transformation of our hospital’s website and the enhancement of our social media presence, establishing new standards for engagement and impact. Several software applications have been developed by the team under his guidance, marking a remarkable achievement.
Mr. Awowo leads the team responsible for the digitization of the administrative processes of the UBTH’s College of Nursing and Institute of Health Science & Technology, showcasing UBTH’s commitment to technological advancement and efficiency. This accomplishment is poised to have a positive impact on delivering quality healthcare solutions at UBTH.
These efforts were instrumental in securing UBTH’s recognition as the “Best Federal Health Institution in Digital Engagement in Nigeria, Social Media” at the Bureau of Public Service Reforms Nigeria GovTech Awards.
Beyond his professional prowess, Mr. Awowo is known for his amiable nature, intelligence, and exemplary teamwork, making him a cherished friend to all.
Please join us in celebrating Mr. Sam Awowo’s outstanding accomplishments and dedication, which truly reflect UBTH’s unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.

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