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The House of Representatives Committe on Health Institutions Lauds UBTH

The House of Representatives Committee on Health, under the stewardship of its chairman, Hon. Amos Magaji, paid an Oversight Visit to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), a beacon of healthcare excellence in Nigeria.
Warmly received by the hospital’s Chief Medical Director (CMD), Prof. D. E. Obaseki, the committee was greeted with open arms, signaling a collaborative effort to showcase UBTH’s achievements, operational strategies, and prevailing challenges.
During the visit, the management of UBTH meticulously presented a thorough database analysis, meticulously chronicling the hospital’s day-to-day, monthly, and yearly activities. The analysis unveiled UBTH as not just a functional healthcare institution but as a bustling hub of medical activity, boasting an impressive bed capacity exceeding 900.
In addition to its role as a primary referral center, UBTH stands out for its exemplary record in maternal healthcare, with an exceptionally low incidence of maternal mortality during childbirth, a testament to its commitment to quality healthcare provision.
Innovation and modernization were underscored as key pillars of UBTH’s operational ethos. Management highlighted the establishment of the Data Intelligence and Innovation Unit, signaling a forward-thinking approach to healthcare delivery. Furthermore, the hospital’s commitment to technological advancement was evident in the computerization of all clinical areas, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency.
Infrastructure and essential amenities were not overlooked in UBTH’s presentation. The provision of uninterrupted power supply and portable water throughout the clinical areas showcased the hospital’s dedication to ensuring a conducive environment for both patients and healthcare providers. Effective communication systems, such as intercoms installed across departments, units, and wards, further facilitated seamless coordination and collaboration among staff members.
A noteworthy aspect of UBTH’s presentation was its emphasis on staff welfare and the maintenance of a harmonious work environment. The management’s efforts in this regard have yielded tangible results, as evidenced by the absence of local industrial actions since the current administration took office.
Despite its remarkable achievements, UBTH does not rest on its laurels. The hospital faces its share of challenges, including the need for waivers for indigent patients unable to afford medical bills, high indebtedness, infrastructural deficits, and staff replacement issues.
Hon. Amos Magaji, in his response, commended UBTH for its 50 years of unwavering service and lauded its developmental strides. Expressing admiration for the hospital’s existing premium service, designed to elevate Nigeria’s healthcare tourism sector, he acknowledged UBTH as a shining example of excellence in healthcare provision.
Accompanying Hon. Amos Magaji were esteemed members of the committee, including Hon. Adesola Adedayo (Deputy Chairman) as well as key personnel such as Hakilu Abbas (Clerk), Odunayo Aderounmi (P.A.).
In essence, the visit by the House of Representatives Committee on Health Institution served as a reaffirmation of the government’s commitment to improving the healthcare system in Nigeria. UBTH, with its sterling reputation and relentless pursuit of excellence, stands as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change in the nation’s healthcare landscape.

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The University of Benin Teaching Hospital was taken over by the Federal Government on April 1st, 1975 as the fifth teaching hospital coming after Ibadan Teaching Hospital and Lagos Teaching Hospital.

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