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The new stroke ward C1 in UBTH

What began in February 2010 as a make shift stop gap ward and facility, thanks to the visionary leadership of the then CMD, who transformed a hitherto an outpatient facility into a 23-bedded ward for the dedicated care of stroke and other neurological diseases; it however became obvious soon off the bat that the burden of the volume of sluice and effluents would overwhelm the makeshift structure which was designed for far less.

The sewers, ventilation, layout, offices for staff and conveniences were overstretched and weighed negatively on the utility and aesthetics of the facility. Repairs of often strained facilities both planned and on demand were frequent with assurances from management that something definite was being conceived and would be executed as soon as budgetary allocations and sundry sources of finance allow.

Succour finally came the way of the stroke ward when the current management of UBTH took it up to relocate the ward to another facility with better planned and laid out structure and effectively birthed the new stroke ward in June 2023. Christened ward C1 in retention of the old appellation of the facility.

The provisions, aesthetics, offices for staff and conveniences for patients and visitors could be described as a clean break from a bleak past. With vital stats of 5 Neurologists (3 Consultants and 2 Post fellowship senior registrars), 22 nurses, 21 beds, 4 multiparameter monitors, 1 Xray view box, 1 crash cart, physiotherapy unit, offices for nurses and doctors, the new stroke ward with its rarefied atmosphere sits on a new stead and with a little push up could come tops amongst other wards in UBTH.

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