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Priscilla is a dedicated and empathic care giver with a deep passion for providing exceptional care for clients with  self-care deficit. With about 14years out of her 32 years of active service, she has honed her skills to ensure the well –being and comfort of client under her care.


I hold  an RN/RM/Degree in nursing profession from schools  of  nursing, Agbor /UBTH/ IBLT respectively. A certified trained neurosurgical nurse from UBTH, where I worked as the lead nurse for 12 years,  and retired  few years ago.

I also hold a diploma certificate in nursing administration from University Of Benin, Diploma/ Msc in Social Work. Diploma in Education from BIU. This educational background equips me with the knowledge needed to understand  and address the unique needs of clients.


Throughout my carrier, I have worked with the young and elderly with  self – care  deficit, including spinal cord injuries, spinal dysraphysm common among children, brain lesions, which sometimes required surgeries,  strokes and mobility challenges. My responsibilities have ranged from assisting  with  daily activities, medication management, dressing of wounds, emotional support and recreational activities to enhance the quality of life for clients.


I cherish the opportunity to impact lives that come my way in my profession, thereby making a difference, all by the grace of God. This is  ensured by creating and fostering a warm and enabling environment for the clients, relatives and care team.

TRAINING; I am committed to ongoing professional development to be abreast with current  trends, techniques and best practices through attendant at training programs and seminars.


Compassion, Empathy, Assertive, Patience,  Neatness, orderly, Strict, and good communication skills, and individualised care are the corner stone of my care giving approach.

Am into the ministry of the gospel since my better half was called unto glory 3years ago, caring for the flocks he left behind. My hobbies are gardening, poultry, baking, reading and singing. I also love keeping pets like dogs.

Though retired from active nursing practice, am excited to continue my journey in providing  the highest level  of care  and support to any client that come my way.

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