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We are pleased to announce that the 2022-2025 Strategic Development Plan for the hospital has been finalized. This document is a continuation of the 2017-2021 Strategic Reform Plan.

The 2022-2025 Strategic Plan has 4 priority areas, 4 goals, 17 objectives, 35 interventions and 183 action plans.
The goals of each of the priority areas are:

Goal 1. Patient and other customers’ satisfaction
– To provide excellent, client-friendly health care in a warm, dignifying and aesthetic ambience.

Goal 2. Staff satisfaction
– To maintain a highly motivated workforce and facilitate robust staff training in a conducive working environment

Goal 3. Organizational learning and research
– To create a culture of quality research, knowledge creation, retention and transfer

Goal 4. Advancement of specialist services
– To expand the array of highly specialized services available to patients and other customers

It is hoped that this new plan will serve as a road map towards actualising the vision of making UBTH the leading provider of quality healthcare solutions in West Africa.


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The University of Benin Teaching Hospital was taken over by the Federal Government on April 1st, 1975 as the fifth teaching hospital coming after Ibadan Teaching Hospital and Lagos Teaching Hospital.

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