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HIV/AIDS remains a significant global health challenge, profoundly impacting communities worldwide.
In addressing the global health challenge of HIV/AIDS, which negatively impacts communities worldwide, the theme for World AIDS Day 2023 is ” Let Communities Lead.”
This theme underscores the vital role that communities play in overcoming the challenges posed by this disease.
HIV/AIDS is a viral infection that affects the immune system, leading to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).
The theme ” Let Communities Lead.” encourages communities to take proactive measures in addressing the spread of HIV/AIDS and supporting those affected.
Communities are essential in creating awareness about HIV/AIDS, reducing stigma, and promoting safe practices.
Through collective efforts, members of communities can lead initiatives that provide support, education, and resources to those affected by the virus.
At UBTH, our commitment to tackling HIV/AIDS goes beyond awareness.
Through community-led initiatives, we aim to offer accessible testing, counselling, and support services.
Our specialised HIV/AIDS care unit ensures that individuals living with the virus receive comprehensive and compassionate care.
Join us this World AIDS Day as we advocate for community-driven approaches to combat HIV/AIDS, reduce stigma, and strive towards a world where every individual has the support and resources necessary to lead a healthy life.

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