Brain tumours, also referred to as Intracranial tumours, are one of the many conditions requiring neurosurgical intervention or care.

Previously not so well known or uncommonly diagnosed, there appears to be an increase in incidence for a number of reasons viz: increasing health-seeking habits of the populace, index of suspicion and availability of personnel and technology for the diagnosis and care of these entities.

Representing 5.7% and 6.4% of all neurosurgical admissions and mortality respectively, as seen in Benin City, they are commoner in males and persons aged 21 to 40 years.

Brain tumours are treatable by surgery, radiotherapy and, less commonly, chemotherapy, but the key to good outcomes are early presentation, early diagnosis and early intervention.

When headaches, visual and auditory, speech and behavioural impairments, weakness of the limbs (especially one half of the body), difficulty or inability to walk, vomiting, seizures (especially in persons 20years or more) persist, come to UBTH and request to be referred to the Neurologist or Neurosurgeon.

Contrary to beliefs, more often than not, a normal life is possible after early intervention in brain tumours.

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