World Pneumonia Day 2022


World Pneumonia Day is a global event observed every year on 12 November to spread awareness and educate people to combat Pneumonia disease, the world’s biggest infectious killer of adults and children, responsible for the majority of death of children below five across the globe.

The day is also focused on creating ample opportunity and encouragement for global action mainly in low and middle-income countries to fight the toll due to pneumonia and other respiratory infection.


Pneumonia is an inflammatory respiratory disorder caused due to bacteria, viruses or fungal infections which impair the air sacs of the lungs, called “Alveoli”. It results in the accumulation of fluid or pus in the air sacs, making breathing difficult. It is a contagious disease and could be fatal for the person with weaker immunity, especially in the children’s and elderly people.


This year 2022, World Pneumonia Day theme is based on the global Pneumonia Awareness Campaign “Pneumolight 2022”, with a theme and slogan “Pneumonia Affects Everyone”, with an aim to amplify the effect of awareness campaigns by illuminating monuments globally.




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