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World Prematurity Day 2023

Premature birth is a pressing global health challenge that touches the lives of families and communities worldwide. Its far-reaching impact underscores the critical need for increased awareness and proactive measures.
PREMATURE BIRTH: What You Should Know:
Premature birth occurs when a baby is born before completing 37 weeks of pregnancy.
These little ones, often referred to as preemies, may encounter health challenges as their organs haven’t fully developed.
Prematurity stands as a leading cause of newborn deaths and can result in long-term health issues.
Prevention and Management Practices:
– Prenatal Care: Regular and comprehensive prenatal care is crucial for monitoring the health of both the mother and the developing baby.
– Healthy Life Style: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy, including proper nutrition, sufficient rest, and avoiding harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol, contributes to a safer pregnancy.
– Awareness and Education: Empowering expectant mothers with knowledge about the signs of preterm labor and stressing the importance of seeking medical attention promptly can make a significant difference.
-Support for High-Risk Pregnancies: Offering specialized care and support for pregnancies identified as high-risk for premature birth ensures tailored attention for those who need it most.
At UBTH, our commitment extends beyond awareness. In our Special Care Baby Unit, we provide state-of-the-art facilities and expert care for preterm infants, ensuring they receive the specialized attention they deserve to thrive.
Our dedicated team is here to support families through this journey, promoting healthy beginnings and brighter futures.
Join us this World Prematurity Day as we advocate for prevention, raise awareness, and strive for a world where every baby has the opportunity to grow and thrive.

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