This World Sickle Cell Day (observed every year on June 19), aims to raise awareness of sickle cell disorders.

Sickle cell disease is an inherited group of disorders where the red blood cells become deformed, forming the typical sickle shape. This comes with its attendant acute and chronic complications affecting a good number of organs in the body.

Nigeria has one of the highest burden of the disease in the world. Increasing its awareness is crucial because it is one disease that can be prevented if the relevant screening (determination of genotype ) is done.

Intending couples who hope to have kids should make it a point of duty to check their genotype to prevent having offspring’s who would have to endure the pain and suffering that comes with this disease.

Candid Recommendations

  • Adequate water intake ( 3 to 4 liters daily) for individuals who are already sufferers of the disease
  • Avoid precipitants of sickle cell crisis i.e (extremes of weather or strenuous activities)
  • Regular visit to the clinic to see an Haematologist is advised.
  • Ensuring he/she takes the prescribed medications (as directed by a physician) religiously.

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